…and so it begins

to let you know how much I keep current with the news nowadays, I just found out about the pakistani – indian conflict going over kashmir. I have quite a few indian friends and co-workers and several pakistani friends and everyone is worried as hell. they’ve each told me each of their viewpoints on the whole kashmir thing and to this day I’m still undecided about it all.

…you know the saying. there’s three sides to a story: my side, your side and the right one.

since I have never been to that area of the world, I am not even partially qualified enough to even make an opinion about who is right and who is wrong. what I do know however, is that both of these sides have to (in some way or another) find some sort of peaceful compromise. from what I understand that’s about as impossible as ending the war on terrorism in 1 week. 🙁

we’re dealing with some very old hatred here and with the nuclear capability each of these countries have, I am truly afraid of what the outcome will be of all of this. on august 5th, 1945 we showed the world the horrific power of the first generation nuclear bombs with the destruction of hiroshima, japan. three days later a second one detonated over nagasaki, japan raised the total amount of deaths from those two small bombs to about 300,000 people. with that came a harsh and ghastly realization… humanity now has the capacity to destroy itself. currently, we have the ability to do this many times over.

back then 300,000 people died from a significantly less powerful nuclear bomb than what we have produced in the decades after that. imagine the death tolls if just one bomb was detonated in either of those countries? also, what if one of the other 42 nuclear-capable countries decide to bomb another country as well? we could be thrown into another world war and after this third one, there won’t be very many of us left to rebuild the race. a truly tragic price to pay for a lesson that should have been learned less than a generation before.

“I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” ~ Albert Einstein

two for tuesday, the *me* edition

    it’s two for tuesday time baby!

  • of which personality trait are you most proud? well, I have always thought it was my patience, but when I asked devina, this is what she says:

    Dave: what would you say is my best personality trait?
    Devina: hmm
    Devina: compassion
    Dave: compassion??
    Dave: me?
    Dave: hmmm
    Devina: yes
    Devina: I think you’re very compassionate
    Dave: I never knew I was compassionate (is that a word?)
    Devina: yes
    Dave: so how am I compassionate?
    Dave: I always thought it was patience
    Devina: well, compassionate sums up a lot of things
    Devina: you’re not judgmental, you usually put the needs of others before your own
    Devina: you’re very soothing
    Devina: hehe
    Dave: yes…
    Devina: like chicken soup
    Dave: :lmao:
    Dave: okies
    Dave: hehe… will I be of the campbell’s variety?
    Devina: no, the david soup
    Dave: or that homemade stuff my mom makes… :drool:
    Devina: chock full of latino goodness
    Dave: :lmao:

    there ya have it folks… as told by the lady ‘o my life. though I’m still wondering about that soup comment. I think I would have preferred to be as soothing as an ice cold glass of lemonade on a summer’s day. 😆

  • describe one physical feature with which you’re very happy. hmmm… I would have to say that I always get comments about my eyelashes from a great deal of people. i’ve been told they are too full and long for a guy to have… 😆 eh well, blame genetics.

so, how was your weekend folks?

mine went as well as it could. I didn’t really go out because I had the place all to myself this weekend, so I was taking advantage of the free time and privacy I haven’t had in such a long time. my sister got a betta fish (oddly named oscar) for her graduation, so I finally got around to getting him a new home this weekend. I wound up going to the petco near watchung on route 22 and getting him lots of goodies. first off I got a 10 gallon aquarium tank with a lid and light, then I got the gravel, a water filter and an air pump. I also got a big ass rock so he could swim through and the token diver doll. we set it all up and it took a while for the water to be treated to the fish’s specifications. after a good day or two, we moved oscar into his new home and now he’s chillin’ like a villain in the new digs. he’s in love with the bubbles formed by the air stone I set beneath the gravel. he does this funny thing she he gets to the bottom of the tank, rides the bubbles up and then goes around for another turn. hehe. you know, I never knew how addictive keeping fish could be. I would love to get some more fish in there with oscar, but he’ll tear them to shreds. they will attack other male bettas and also kill females so long as they are not nesting. 😆 i’d just love to see what he would do to the other fishies, it would be like a battle royal. hehe…

yeah yeah I know…

that’s horribly cruel dave, so much for that compassionate crap you were dishing on us before.

i’d still dig watching it though. 😆

other than keeping oscar happy, I didn’t do much. my dsl was down for almost the entire weekend, so I kept off-line which is always a good thing. however, it did throw off my plans for posting stuff on eBay to sell. perhaps i’ll do it tonight.

wooooo! my new webcam came in just now!!!

oh, I added wil wheaton to my list of dailies. ummm… yes, will wheaton of star trek, stand by me, etc. fame. turns out he’s been blogging for a while now and I haveta admit that he cracks me up completely. I hated the living crap out of his character, wesley crusher on star trek to be honest, but after reading through his site he has completely redeemed himself. because of him, I’m gonna have to start playing around with this geocaching thing… sounds like a hell of a lot of fun, IMHO.

jesus, have you seen the amount of comments he gets per entry!?!? 200+ on occasion, christ?!?!

friday five, the dreams edition

    friday five baby!

  • what’s the last vivid dream that you remember having? for some weird reason I was watching people getting eaten by spiders and then turning into them. I’m really not scared of spiders at all, so I was cheering on the people getting eaten by them. one of the gooey spider people were coming my way, so I busted out with a sword like the guy from highlander (adrian paul’s character, ummm duncan macleod if I am right) and started lopping heads and limbs off left and right. it should also be noted that queen’s, the show must go on was blaring in the background during that dream as well.
  • do you have any recurring dreams? every once in a while i’ll have a highlander-ish type of dream where I am walking around with a sword doing bad stuff. hmmmm.. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m going to go postal one of these days. :-/
  • what’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had? I had a dream once where robbers came into my house and started taking all of my computers. I was walking around quietly following them with a sword in my hand (ok, this sword thing is getting REAL freaky now that I think about it) and just as I was about to pounce on one of them, they grabbed my cat tony as hostage. I was begging and pleading with them not to hurt him, but the guy flung him across the room. I yelled out his name and flew across the room to save him

    think of those cheesy action scenes where the hero yells out the name slowly as he runs to save them…


    …yeah that’s it

    i nabbed him and saw that he had a cut on his chest from the bad dude’s knife. at this point, I lost it and went ape shit killing every robber in sight, like 5 of them all looking like arnold schawrzenegger (sp?). unfortunately, in the dream tony never made it because of the cuts to his chest. when I woke up, I looked all over the house for him, grabbed him and placed him on my bed so that he would be safe when I went back to sleep. yeah I know… awwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute.

  • have you ever written your dreams down or considered it? why or why not? nah… you can probably tell by now that I have very clear recollections of my dreams. thus, no need to jot them down.
  • have you ever had a lucid dream? what did you do in it? ummm, I was at the playboy mansion. I can imagine most of you know what happens next. 😉

have a great holiday weekend everyone! 🙂

never be bored at work

proof of why I should NEVER be left alone @ work. I now own:


i’m thinking star trek styled blogs complete with stardates as headers. now I gotta remember how they came up with them stardates. ahhh, very good, here it is. hmmm, not big on having a negative value date though… :-/

speaking of which, I enjoyed a few of the season finale and series ending episodes this week. yesterday’s star trek was actually really freaggin’ cool. it looks like the star trek writers have the whole time travel thing almost figured out to where it’s just about believable. 😆

i loved the 24 season finale and how they left it wide open for the next season. plus I am also glad they finally killed off the wife and dennis hopper. there was just no need for either of those characters in that series… the x-files series finale wasn’t half bad if I may say so myself. to be honest, I stopped watching that series when mulder left. not that I didn’t like the replacement agents, but it just wasn’t the same show after that. I loved the dynamics between scully and mulder even though they didn’t like each other much in real life. I really liked the “ghosts” thing and especially dug the smoking man dishing out the truth to scully in his groovy hippie locks. I heard the movie has them trying to stop that invasion that’s foretold to occur in 2012, I can’t wait!

so I was watching a news editorial yesterday about animal rights and the need for more. I used to work at a major pharmaceutical company in the research area, so I know how badly animals area treated at times. however, I also know the benefits of animal testing in the grand scheme of things. hopefully in the future we’ll rely much less on them for testing and more on computers, but at this time, it’s just not a possibility.

anywho, there’s talk of giving animals extra rights and allowing them to be treated as individuals instead of property. suppose, acme corporation mistreats bubba the horny white fluffy bunny. I can sue them for a lot of money so that it never happens again, though what do I do with the money? I mean there’s only so much you can spend to take care of an animal right? what am I going do with the 300 million dollar lawsuit I just won for fluffy? get him gold-lined carrots for life? have his own life-sized elmer fudd doll to beat up on? buy him a 20 bedroom mansion? hell no! he doesn’t care about money, he just wants to eat, sleep and perhaps get some from a few cute lonely bunnies (hey, maybe even at the same time! :grin:).

i’d say donating the winnings to the ASPCA or some other organization that actually does something good for animals is a better goal. treating them as individuals is a very good first step. this way, the enforcement of the animal rights laws can have a more realistic effect. imagine spending 10, 20, 30 years for torturing pets or paying fines in excess of hundreds of thousands of dollars for mistreatment of animals. many individuals would most certainly think twice about abusing an animal if that were the case. however, giving the power to people to sue on behalf of the animal just is not the right step to take yet. I can see too many bastards looking towards their own best interests as opposed to the animals’ when it comes to monetary lawsuits. i’d love to see how this turns out.